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This temple is Chiang Mai's most important and visible landmark, and overlooks this city from its forested mountainside backdrop. It is 15 km from town, 3,520 feet above sea level, and dates from 1383. this temple is approached on foot by climbing a steep staircase comprising 290 steps. Read more

Situated at the foothill of Doi Suthep mountain, the zoo is surrounded by hilly terrain which is home to 1000s of species of wild plants adorning the natural landscape of the valleys, streams and waterfalls. It is the first and only zoo in Northern Thailand where visitors can ... Read more

Hot springs shooting up to the sky in this large national park on the outskirts of Chiang Mai The park is situated at the northern limit of Chiang Mai Province and has a long border with Myanmar (Burma). It is one of the least spoiled areas of Thailand. Read more

In the centre of the city Wat Phra Singh is located in the western part of the old city centre of Chiang Mai, which is contained within the city walls and moat. The main entrance, which is guarded by Singhs (lions), is situated at the end of the main street . . . Read more

Come and watch majestic elephants in one of Thailand's best elephant camps along the Mae Sa Valley. With shows every day , you can watch these mammoth creatures play football, among other tricks. There are also opportunities to ride an elephant . . .  Read more

"Stay longer and Chiang Mai will leave you enchanted" Visitors to Chiang Mai often stay longer than planned, simply because the atmosphere is so relaxing, the facilities cheap and the options for entertainment and activity numerous. For a town of only 300,000 there is a surprisingly large variety of activities to keep you busy and sight seeing is perhaps the most popular, with numerous exquisite temples as well as historic ruins in this 700-year-old city. Plenty of friendly Thais are always on hand to show you their city.